Forex Trading Do you have What it Takes?

Forex Trading is becoming hot over the globe the drastic changes in the dollar value in the last year are attracting more attention to this ever changing market and many people believe they are smart enough to predict the future value of the currencies is that reasonable though or just wishful thinking , well judging by the trend as described in Google trend more people look for new opportunities in the forex trade market. classes and training course are opened daily and new forex trading systems are being marketed all over the web. so all hos people are making money or it is just another more respectable way of people to gamble online , without being considered as reckless gamblers but to think of them self as sophisticated day trades and financial experts, well the truth lies some where between as always. no doubt the the skill full trade can take advantage of his experience and insights to make money but it will take one to spend and lose a lot of money to become one. and nothing is more dangerous more than beginners luck than on could really believe he got the idea and risk bigger sums of money. as some one who have seen people losing their under wares in this risky leverage business i would recommend every body to be extra caution and don’t quit their day job


Goa Vacation

after many many thoughts i decided to make my next vacation in Goa some beach sun and hippies will surly will make only good for me so: first i collected some images from google..


now i just have to find nice hotel with decent internet line ( there must have one or two ) and i fixed.!!!

I wonder how much will it cost the liveing out ther including internet no interent no living!!!

Does Google Tracks Who is Info

lately i have a feeling that google calculate in its score Whos is and Ip info, since a website i am promoting for my of my custmers shows strange results in different countries .It some times seems to me it knows which country the domain owner is from since it shows better results for the country that website owner is from even it is have no relevancy to the content or even to the langauge my customers is coming from yet this gap is quite consistant. am i getting paranoin??? maybe i have over SEO my self but this google sometimes gives me the creeps , even though i some times have the feeling he likes my work. this soinds also strange when i write it down. ok maybe i should go to the vacation i needed so long . Thailand sound good to me…. LOL…

Paid Links are they Useful seo :

Well i been attended SES London and amazed how many webmasters wanted a way to report paid links. many of them are bothered with the unfair competition that small web masters against be co operations. well they should be since paid links are absolutely work!! and what Google has to say about that well: “Not all paid links violate our guidelines. Buying and selling links is a normal part of the economy of the web when done for advertising purposes, …” in other way they don’t have a clue how to deal with that and even worse they don’t think they should, and now few years after the google revolution yes i call it revolution since it let small business exposure opportunities only big companies had. the wheel is balanced again and big cooperation got the idea they just pay bloggers around the world for paid reviews and submit their sites to bid directories so once again the small man is fucked by the tremendous force big money has.
Well don’t let that fact discourage smart webmasters have few tricks how to produce many links and much of content in almost zero costs, have you ever heard about scraping well this method is live and kicking i used it for some of my sites in high rate of success generating hundreds of links in no cost an in short time,. but still after you generated this content you still have to get it indexed some how. this is the second challenge. this also have some powerful techniques that are still secret among web masters
i will try to disclose some of them in my future posts

Shenzhen Nightlife Fun Fast and Cheap

Well, your company or your business has brought you to Shenzhen , and you think to your self :” god couldnt they placed me in hong kong” right? you wish you could enjoy Hong Kongs nightlife , i Know i have been there, but you will be surprised to know that shenzhen has a lot to offer in terms of night life and many Hong Kong residence are coming to Shenzhen to enjoy what it has to offer. so you are asking what it has to offer well it has literally thousands of restaurants from cheap ones you can enjoy traditional meals in 2-5 USD to fancy restaurants that you will have to say good buy up to 100USD but knowing that the same meal would have cost you 10 times more in New York or 15 time more in London will make you feel better , you can enjoy the most luxurious dinners including some special birds nests shark spin soups and the best liquors available on affordable prices. later you can go to one of the hundreds of bars that there around, or enjoy messages and saunas which is the local common way to end up a heavy partying nights , so dont hesitate and go out to enjoy your self

Nokia 888 a Wink to Chinese Market?

Nokia 888 claims to be the mobile phone of the future. This mobile phone is so compact and ultra light that you could bend it, mould it to any shape, the 888 is not available yet and maybe it even be a failure but there is no doubt about the buzz Nokia has succeed even before some on tried the prototype, 888 is the most popular number in china since when pronouncing t    he word 8 in Chinese it sounds like Rich triple 8 it RICH RICH RICH……. No doubt that the Chinese mobile market is the hottest market today in it will remain in future so i see this model number is more than a wink to the Chinese customers i add some pictures so you can look your self it looks quite cool gadget i hope it will become more than a “concept” but will be product as a real mobile phone in mass production

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Ducati 888 Own your Own thunder bullet

The Ducati 888 is one of the most amazing mechanical crafts made by this Italian factory i just love to have one of those pieces this powerful machine is just a legend among motorcycle lovers. wouldn’t you love to have one of those pieces your self???