A Genious MF -Albert Einstien

Albert Einstein isn’t he the greatest person was ever lived! god i admire him he just turned the world upside , hes theory is a fusion of pure science and religion, it mixes reality and imagine and all conceived in one great mind , most of us we need to confest we are just ordinary people just go along with the rest of the herd , as much we want to feel special we are just dull grey people who cannot see more than we fed by the media , parents,teachers and all other bullshit we are s around and normal beliefs, there are only few people in history that bounded the limits of reality same as he did god , this crazy genius mother fucker wow people just still even don’t realize and don’t understand throughly the implications of his work, he said about the quantom theory, if you think about it and you feel dizzy than you understood, fuck this guy is greatest person ever alived . the greatest thing he proved all his theory mathematically. genius is not a word to describe this guy they should have invented a word espcially for him.

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