Build your own Security DVR Kit

When security DVR Technology immerged at first it was very expensive devise cost up to hundred of thousand of dollars and used exclusively by Air Ports, Train stations , and other military facilities. Today when hardware (DSP, CCD, CPU) prices dropped and hundreds of Korean, Taiwanese and lately Chinese companies released their own cost effective versions. Every one can build his home digital video surveillance system, My Tips for successful stable PC based Security DVR. USE Intel based chip set mother board which is highly optimzed for digital video performance, USE Geovision DVR Card

 thos card has the best performance on network and the best stability, if you can afford use the hardware compression version which is much more stable and saves you PCs CPU resources .

Dont be cheap order from your ISP the highest upload internet connection this the most important factor when watching from remote location and finally use good cameras

I would reccomened you to use Mintron CCD Cameras which are no so famouse but every CCTV installer who is long enough in this industry will testify those cameras are never go black, and the last thing you want is to change a camera installed on the top of your roof because you wanted to save few bucks.

some OEM or clone versions of geovision can be found on ebay from my experience they are quite realible though they dont use the lastest software updates

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