Shenzhen Nightlife Fun Fast and Cheap

Well, your company or your business has brought you to Shenzhen , and you think to your self :” god couldnt they placed me in hong kong” right? you wish you could enjoy Hong Kongs nightlife , i Know i have been there, but you will be surprised to know that shenzhen has a lot to offer in terms of night life and many Hong Kong residence are coming to Shenzhen to enjoy what it has to offer. so you are asking what it has to offer well it has literally thousands of restaurants from cheap ones you can enjoy traditional meals in 2-5 USD to fancy restaurants that you will have to say good buy up to 100USD but knowing that the same meal would have cost you 10 times more in New York or 15 time more in London will make you feel better , you can enjoy the most luxurious dinners including some special birds nests shark spin soups and the best liquors available on affordable prices. later you can go to one of the hundreds of bars that there around, or enjoy messages and saunas which is the local common way to end up a heavy partying nights , so dont hesitate and go out to enjoy your self



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  2. you are absolutly right mate SZ is great place to hang around and the girls are cute…..

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