Nokia 888 a Wink to Chinese Market?

Nokia 888 claims to be the mobile phone of the future. This mobile phone is so compact and ultra light that you could bend it, mould it to any shape, the 888 is not available yet and maybe it even be a failure but there is no doubt about the buzz Nokia has succeed even before some on tried the prototype, 888 is the most popular number in china since when pronouncing t    he word 8 in Chinese it sounds like Rich triple 8 it RICH RICH RICH……. No doubt that the Chinese mobile market is the hottest market today in it will remain in future so i see this model number is more than a wink to the Chinese customers i add some pictures so you can look your self it looks quite cool gadget i hope it will become more than a “concept” but will be product as a real mobile phone in mass production

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Ducati 888 Own your Own thunder bullet

The Ducati 888 is one of the most amazing mechanical crafts made by this Italian factory i just love to have one of those pieces this powerful machine is just a legend among motorcycle lovers. wouldn’t you love to have one of those pieces your self???