Finanacial/ Forex Online Magazine

I am looking for a good online magazine about forex trading i checked it seems the only one is serious enough. i think it is the future of financial magazines combining  real time video , graphs quotes signals and analysis,

if some on can recommend i would be greatful


Forex Trading Do you have What it Takes?

Forex Trading is becoming hot over the globe the drastic changes in the dollar value in the last year are attracting more attention to this ever changing market and many people believe they are smart enough to predict the future value of the currencies is that reasonable though or just wishful thinking , well judging by the trend as described in Google trend more people look for new opportunities in the forex trade market. classes and training course are opened daily and new forex trading systems are being marketed all over the web. so all hos people are making money or it is just another more respectable way of people to gamble online , without being considered as reckless gamblers but to think of them self as sophisticated day trades and financial experts, well the truth lies some where between as always. no doubt the the skill full trade can take advantage of his experience and insights to make money but it will take one to spend and lose a lot of money to become one. and nothing is more dangerous more than beginners luck than on could really believe he got the idea and risk bigger sums of money. as some one who have seen people losing their under wares in this risky leverage business i would recommend every body to be extra caution and don’t quit their day job


forex is The world’s largest and most liquid market.with daily average cycle of many beyond the 3.1 trillions of US dollars, 30 times inflates of the cycle of all other money markets combined in the United States.

online forex trading enables individuals to trade the currencies live like professional brokers , and real banks do. the combination of real time connection to updated data and news and the availability of financial softwares using the most complicated formulas and calculation which where available only by professional mathematician’s , are appealing to many people who have the foundamental understanding of the forex market and enable them to trade forex and make profit from the ever changing quotes