Reinclusion Request From Google

this week one of my sites disapeard from google results. so i went to the reinclusion form provided by google. this form basiclly say: admit and apologize and promise not to repeat your misbehave and than we will consider your request and basiclly google is the man say it!!!


8 8 Shenzhen

I left Shenzhen last week i a not sure when i will go back so good bye  shenzhen or 88 shenzhen

Forex Scalper tip

don’t make your fucking move only until 15 minutes after the news break in one of the major international channels not your hometowns local fucking radio station, you can take my word for that … oh and here is another forex blog i found …. one of many are scattered around the internet it called world forex trade

or somthing like it god are all forex blogs created eqaully?  

Does Free Blog links are same as Normal site links

Well i had an argument with a friendly seo if links from free hosts and free blog posts bare equal weight as links from portals and commercial websites. he claimed the free blogs weight less because the can not be identified and have no cost of establishing . He basically claimed “every one can open blog”. but doesn’t every one can open a website ? if you have money to open 10 websites it means your links should be wight higher than a poor students with no who can not afford it ? well i realy think they equal and if they are not they should be!!!

Spam Spam Spam Spam

My askimate catches a lot of spam lately it is now too my work to manage all this comment spams i get more spam than real comments why this wordpress guys dont install this robot filters on the first place are they enjoy from this spam? who need this askimate at all if you can just put this numbers quiz which filters robots from humans???

China Coffee Market

Until recent Chinese people didnt knew nothing about coffee , ordinary Chinese never tasted this delicious drink in his life. you may say that clear Chinese love their tea naturally but this have one more reason except of the traditional tea developed tea culture.
In the time of the cultural revolution leaded by Mau Coffee considered a capitalist drink and as an unhealth drug abuse ( which is have some truth) now when capitalism is everywhere in China so is coffee. Starbucks has hundreds of coffee brunches all over china, and many other coffee chains are planning establishing their coffee shops in this market, no surprise when a glass of coffee costs as much as normal lunch in nice restaurant, so i just imagine the proffit they make for some hot water with a spoon of their shitty coffee

Crazy Ahmenijad

Does anybody understad what this carzy ushole ahmenijad is trying to prove or to do seems that this short ashole wants to destroy the world i think israel should attack him with atomic bomb asap. lately i saw this lowlife has his own blog, maybe hes mother didnt gave him enough attention when he was kid