Crazy Ahmenijad

Does anybody understad what this carzy ushole ahmenijad is trying to prove or to do seems that this short ashole wants to destroy the world i think israel should attack him with atomic bomb asap. lately i saw this lowlife has his own blog, maybe hes mother didnt gave him enough attention when he was kid


Machine translation & SEO

You can find around the web many machine translation services including google translation. those translation are available for signle words and also for complete text articles, i have tested some of them for seo purpose to check if they a link from translated article can affect ranking on website that it is pointing to. well the conclusion is not how to say sure. it seem it has affected the ranking but
some pages containing translated articles were banned out from google after a while as key word spamming method. and they were indexed on the first place only after force indexing them from third party link so i wouldnt cont on this method as useful seo

Shenzhen Diwan

Shenzhen Diwan is the tallest and most impressive building in Shenzhen it has about 90 floors and you can see it from all over Shenzhen this designed as two round tubes attached to each other, this skyscraper is populeted with hitech enterprises and financial companies and is one of Shenzhen’s land marks

Shenzhen Hotels

The Are hundreds of hotels in shenzhen scattered around all parts of the city. you can find from the cheapest costing 100RMB for a night up To 2000RMB for a night (shangrila).
When choosing a hotel in Shenzhen i would consider the following factors,:

Check if id close to the suwbay root.
Check how well the stuff is customized to deal with forein guests need and how is their english level.
in recent years the stuff in most of shenzhen hotels improved their English knowledge but still is in many times no sufficient when you want to a towel in the middle of the night.
Check if they serve bread in breakfast or if the bread is not some kind of Chinese version of a muffin 😉
And finnaly i always check the internet connection quality. most of china enjoy high speed internet connection but when it is time of a fair like canton fair the load on the internet can make it crazy slow not even letting you check your mails not saying any Voip communication.
Except of this all is almost same like any other hotel in any place around the world

Forex Trading Do you have What it Takes?

Forex Trading is becoming hot over the globe the drastic changes in the dollar value in the last year are attracting more attention to this ever changing market and many people believe they are smart enough to predict the future value of the currencies is that reasonable though or just wishful thinking , well judging by the trend as described in Google trend more people look for new opportunities in the forex trade market. classes and training course are opened daily and new forex trading systems are being marketed all over the web. so all hos people are making money or it is just another more respectable way of people to gamble online , without being considered as reckless gamblers but to think of them self as sophisticated day trades and financial experts, well the truth lies some where between as always. no doubt the the skill full trade can take advantage of his experience and insights to make money but it will take one to spend and lose a lot of money to become one. and nothing is more dangerous more than beginners luck than on could really believe he got the idea and risk bigger sums of money. as some one who have seen people losing their under wares in this risky leverage business i would recommend every body to be extra caution and don’t quit their day job

Goa Vacation

after many many thoughts i decided to make my next vacation in Goa some beach sun and hippies will surly will make only good for me so: first i collected some images from google..


now i just have to find nice hotel with decent internet line ( there must have one or two ) and i fixed.!!!

I wonder how much will it cost the liveing out ther including internet no interent no living!!!

Does Google Tracks Who is Info

lately i have a feeling that google calculate in its score Whos is and Ip info, since a website i am promoting for my of my custmers shows strange results in different countries .It some times seems to me it knows which country the domain owner is from since it shows better results for the country that website owner is from even it is have no relevancy to the content or even to the langauge my customers is coming from yet this gap is quite consistant. am i getting paranoin??? maybe i have over SEO my self but this google sometimes gives me the creeps , even though i some times have the feeling he likes my work. this soinds also strange when i write it down. ok maybe i should go to the vacation i needed so long . Thailand sound good to me…. LOL…