Does Free Blog links are same as Normal site links

Well i had an argument with a friendly seo if links from free hosts and free blog posts bare equal weight as links from portals and commercial websites. he claimed the free blogs weight less because the can not be identified and have no cost of establishing . He basically claimed “every one can open blog”. but doesn’t every one can open a website ? if you have money to open 10 websites it means your links should be wight higher than a poor students with no who can not afford it ? well i realy think they equal and if they are not they should be!!!


Paid Blogging For Online Casino Idustry

Paid Blogging is increasing day by day you just need one glance in wordpress tag surfer to realize that more than of the blogs , have some link scheme behind them whether it is online casinos, escort service, hosting plans you name it they all pay for blogging. is it a real phenomena or it was always around even before internet and blog sphere emerged? well by my opinion, it was always there but only newspaper could benefit from paid reviews and today every small blogger can , and the actually do like this amazing online casinos blog i found which seems to blog exclusively for one online gambling site…. i wish some had paid me for