Finanacial/ Forex Online Magazine

I am looking for a good online magazine about forex trading i checked it seems the only one is serious enough. i think it is the future of financial magazines combining  real time video , graphs quotes signals and analysis,

if some on can recommend i would be greatful



forex is The world’s largest and most liquid market.with daily average cycle of many beyond the 3.1 trillions of US dollars, 30 times inflates of the cycle of all other money markets combined in the United States.

online forex trading enables individuals to trade the currencies live like professional brokers , and real banks do. the combination of real time connection to updated data and news and the availability of financial softwares using the most complicated formulas and calculation which where available only by professional mathematician’s , are appealing to many people who have the foundamental understanding of the forex market and enable them to trade forex and make profit from the ever changing quotes