Forex Scalper tip

don’t make your fucking move only until 15 minutes after the news break in one of the major international channels not your hometowns local fucking radio station, you can take my word for that … oh and here is another forex blog i found …. one of many are scattered around the internet it called world forex trade

or somthing like it god are all forex blogs created eqaully?  


888 in Chinese Numerology

888 is the luckiest combination of numbers in Chinese numerology , it is regarded  as ymbol of  furtune and prosperty for  thousand of years,

The roots of of this mystic belive are from the old chinese culture who beliveve that words that sounds the same as numbers bear the meaning of the word 8- sounds as the word that meant sudden fortune in chinese as opposite the number 4 sounds as death and so it unlucky number and many buildings in china dont have 4th flour!

the Olympic games in Beijing will be conducted on 2008.08.08 a date that form the combination 888.

all telephone, mobile apartments in china the include the mubers 8, 888 are very popular in china and sold in high pricess.

This popular belief is very similar to the jewish   which sees in the number 18 that souds as “life” in hebrew as lucky number