Does Free Blog links are same as Normal site links

Well i had an argument with a friendly seo if links from free hosts and free blog posts bare equal weight as links from portals and commercial websites. he claimed the free blogs weight less because the can not be identified and have no cost of establishing . He basically claimed “every one can open blog”. but doesn’t every one can open a website ? if you have money to open 10 websites it means your links should be wight higher than a poor students with no who can not afford it ? well i realy think they equal and if they are not they should be!!!


Machine translation & SEO

You can find around the web many machine translation services including google translation. those translation are available for signle words and also for complete text articles, i have tested some of them for seo purpose to check if they a link from translated article can affect ranking on website that it is pointing to. well the conclusion is not how to say sure. it seem it has affected the ranking but
some pages containing translated articles were banned out from google after a while as key word spamming method. and they were indexed on the first place only after force indexing them from third party link so i wouldnt cont on this method as useful seo

Does Google Tracks Who is Info

lately i have a feeling that google calculate in its score Whos is and Ip info, since a website i am promoting for my of my custmers shows strange results in different countries .It some times seems to me it knows which country the domain owner is from since it shows better results for the country that website owner is from even it is have no relevancy to the content or even to the langauge my customers is coming from yet this gap is quite consistant. am i getting paranoin??? maybe i have over SEO my self but this google sometimes gives me the creeps , even though i some times have the feeling he likes my work. this soinds also strange when i write it down. ok maybe i should go to the vacation i needed so long . Thailand sound good to me…. LOL…

Paid Links are they Useful seo :

Well i been attended SES London and amazed how many webmasters wanted a way to report paid links. many of them are bothered with the unfair competition that small web masters against be co operations. well they should be since paid links are absolutely work!! and what Google has to say about that well: “Not all paid links violate our guidelines. Buying and selling links is a normal part of the economy of the web when done for advertising purposes, …” in other way they don’t have a clue how to deal with that and even worse they don’t think they should, and now few years after the google revolution yes i call it revolution since it let small business exposure opportunities only big companies had. the wheel is balanced again and big cooperation got the idea they just pay bloggers around the world for paid reviews and submit their sites to bid directories so once again the small man is fucked by the tremendous force big money has.
Well don’t let that fact discourage smart webmasters have few tricks how to produce many links and much of content in almost zero costs, have you ever heard about scraping well this method is live and kicking i used it for some of my sites in high rate of success generating hundreds of links in no cost an in short time,. but still after you generated this content you still have to get it indexed some how. this is the second challenge. this also have some powerful techniques that are still secret among web masters
i will try to disclose some of them in my future posts

Proxy Test

Here we test a new Proxy server for seo